Neo Lighter and Brick Wireless Control

Placca® faces the domotic world with a new product system: Aria. Aria is designed to ensure easy and friendly usability of complex systems, using ergonomically designed objects with a design made in Italy.

All Aria products are based on wireless radio frequency technology. The technology is resident in every single component, continuously synchronized and with self-diagnosis system using a distributed and symmetrical architecture. The devices connect and talk to each other only when necessary, determining a drastic reduction in consumption and radiofrequency.

The Aria control devices have an exclusive and registered design and allow the control of Aria interfaces through commands and gesture. The physical contact with the Aria product brings the user to a real and non-virtual dialogue with things.

* Remarks : The Neo Lighter and Aria series is applicable with the Casambi Wireless Control Network. You can find more information from the official website :



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Neo and Brick

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